Promising prospects to crystallize perovskite oxides on semiconductors at moderate temperature

  • Authors

    Guillaume Saint-Girons,1 Romain Bachelet,1 Rahma Moalla,1 Benjamin Meunier,1 Lamis Louahadj,2 Bruno Canut,3 Adrian Carretero-Genevrier,1 Jaume Gazquez,4 Philippe Regreny,1 Claude Botella,1 JoséPenuelas,1 Mathieu G. Silly,5 Fausto Sirotti,5 Genevieve Grenet1

  • Publication

    Epitaxy of SrTiO3 on Silicon: The Knitting Machine Strategy
    Chemistry of Materials, 28 (15), 53475355, 2016
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    STEM analysis of the STO microstructure evolution during the UHV-annealing step of a sample grown using Sr/Ti = 1.015. (a) Before annealing. (b) After 15 min annealing. (c) After 30 min annealing. Left column: schematic of the crystallization process. Sr atoms blue, Ti atoms yellow. Bars indicate the composition of the samples, as deduced from XPS.

SrTiO3 (STO) crystalline layers grown on Si open unique perspectives for the monolithic integration of functional oxides in silicon-based devices, but their fabrication by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is challenging due to unwanted interfacial reactions. In this work, it has been shown that the formation of single-crystal STO layers on Si by MBE at the moderate growth temperature imposed by these interface reactions results from the crystallization of a partially separated amorphous mixture of SrO and TiO2 activated by an excess of Sr. The atomic pathway of this mechanism has been identified and it leads to an antiphase domain morphology. On the basis of these results, alternative STO growth strategies to avoid antiphase boundary formation and significantly improve the STO structural quality have been suggested and tested. The understanding provided by these results offers promising prospects to crystallize perovskite oxides on semiconductors at moderate temperature and circumvent the issue of parasitic interface reactions.

1 Université de Lyon, Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon, France
2 RIBER SA, 31 rue Casimir Périer, F-95870 Bezons, France
3 Université de Lyon, Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon INSA, France
4 Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Spain
5 Société Civile Synchrotron SOLEIL (ligne TEMPO), France

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