Review: Properties and applications of icosahedral boron clusters

  • Authors

    Rosario Núñez1, Màrius Tarrés1, Albert Ferrer-Ugalde1, Fabrizia de Biani2, I. Romero3, Clara Viñas1, Francesc Teixidor1

  • Publication

    Electrochemistry and Photoluminescence of Icosahedral Carboranes, Boranes, Metallacarboranes, and Their Derivatives
    Chemical Reviews, 116 (23), 14307-14378, 2016

    Icosahedral boron clusters: a perfect tool for the enhancement of polymer features

    Chemical Society Reviews, 45 (19), 5147-5173, 2016
  • Figure

    Hybrid polymers incorporating icosahedral boron clusters

Boron clusters are extraordinarily robust compounds with exceptional properties like thermal and redox stability, chemical inertness, rigid geometry, low nucleophilicity and high hydrophobicity, which make them attractive for applications such as medicine, nanomaterials, molecular electronics, energy, catalysis, among others. The two published reviews would like to stress the significant electronic and structural role that icosahedral boron clusters play on the properties of materials and devices containing them.

The work published in Chemical Reviews deals with the electrochemical properties and photoluminescence behavior of a huge collection of boron clusters-containing compounds. We have combined these two properties because in both processes promotion of one electron to an excited state occurs, although the origin of the electron promotion is different (voltage or a photon).

The second review published in Chemical Society Reviews mainly focuses on the development of hybrid polymeric materials incorporating icosahedral boron clusters, in order to evaluate their redox, optical and thermal properties. The incorporation of these clusters to polymers improves their stability, solubility, electrochemical, photoluminescence and electrochromic properties that make them desirable materials for technological applications. This review article was selected as Front Cover of the issue.

1 Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Spain
2 Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Chimica e Farmacia, Universita degli Studi di Siena, Italy
3 Departament de Química, Universitat de Girona,  Spain


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