Research Staff

ICMAB is the people. During 2016, 295 people have been working at ICMAB, either as a undergraduate student, either as a PhD researcher, as a technician or as a full time scientist. Some of the numbers are the following:

Scientific staff is formed by the permanent research staff (57), associated researchers (1), postdoctoral fellows (42), and PhD researchers (74), giving a total of 174 researchers, of which 32 % are non-Spanish.

The support staff (50) is formed by the scientific services technicians, the administration staff, the library staff, the IT department and the maintenance and safety staff. Of these, 54 % have a permanent contract and 42 % are female.

In addition, we have visitors (5), undergraduate and master students (55), and the staff working also in spin-offs (11).

Of the total staff, 60 % are male (40 % female) and 74 % are Spanish (26 % Non-Spanish).

This figure plots the ICMAB permanent and non-permanent researchers evolution since 2005 and until 2016. The ratio between non-permanent and permanent is 1.7 in 2016. The growth rates were positive until 2011, and from 2014 until 2016. These two last years we have experienced a growth, although most of the new staff is non-permanent. 

The permanent staff since 1992 has been on a constant growth until 2013, from which it has experienced a light decay.

ICMAB permanent researchers age distribution by gender. We can observe that only 10 % of the researchers are under 40 years old, and that 22 % are over 60. The average age is 52 years old. Moreover, 62 % of the permanent researchers are male.

New positions during 2016

Postdoctoral fellows
Juan de la Cierva Formación

  • Luiz F. Pinto (with José Vidal)
  • Miquel López Suárez (with Riccardo Rurali)
  • Paula Mayorga Burrezo (with Jaume Veciana)

Juan de la Cierva Incorporación

  • Raphael Pfattner (with Marta Mas-Torrent)


Support staff

  • Guillermo de Andrés Iglesias – Garantía Juvenil CSIC in the Knowledge Transfer Unit
  • José Angel Algar – Garantía Juvenil MINECO in the Maintenance Department
  • Anna Fernández - Administration
  • José Angel Burriel - Administration
  • Mª del Mar Astillero - Administration
  • Antoni Miquel Socias - Administration
  • Maribel Contreras - Administration
  • David Piña – Support Staff in Soft Materials Lab
  • Marta Vendrell – Executive Assistant
  • Pere Fernàndez - Maintenance

Permanent researchers* 

Tenured Scientists
  • Sebastián Reparaz 
  • Núria Crivillers
Research Professors
  • Anna Roig
  • Rosa Palacín

*incorporation in 2017
Predoctoral Researchers

PhD CSC from China: 6
PhD FPI 2016: 9
Master Severo Ochoa: 7
CSIC JAE Intro: 2


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